Ledston Parish Council

Serving the people of Ledston and Ledston Luck

Clerk: Position Vacant
22 Green Lane, Ledston
Yorkshire WF10 2BD

Tel: 07708 359511

Who we are and what we do

Ledston Parish Council consists of 5 Councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are voluntary. The next scheduled elections are due to take place in May 2023.

Council Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month, except August and are held at the Lady Elizabeth Hastings Primary School, Green Lane, Ledston. See the diary of meetings for more information. For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk who will be happy to give advice and assistance.


Our Staff

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones

Chairman of the Parish Council

Ledston Parish Council

The parish council does not currently have a clerk. In the interim this role is being undertaken on an unpaid basis by the chairman, Wendy Jones

22 Green Lane, Ledston, Castleford
WF10 2BD
07708 359511

Policies of the Council

As part of its governance review, Ledston Parish Council is reviewing all of its policies over the coming weeks and as soon as they are approved they will be posted on the website. Copies of policies adopted are below.

Standing Orders

Standing orders are the written rules of the parish council. They are essential to regulate the proceedings of a meeting. A council may also use standing orders to confirm or refer to various internal organisational and administrative arrangements. The standing orders of a council are not the same as the policies of a council but standing orders may refer to them. Local councils operate within a wide statutory framework.

Code of Conduct

Ledston Parish Council has adopted the Leeds City Council Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by its members and co-opted members whenever they conduct the business of the Council, including the business of the office to which they were elected or appointed, or when they claim to act or give the impression of acting as a representative of the Council. This Code of Conduct is based on the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership.