Ledston Parish Council

Serving the people of Ledston and Ledston Luck

Clerk: Position Vacant
22 Green Lane, Ledston
Yorkshire WF10 2BD

Tel: 07708 359511

Financial Information

The annual precept

Ledston Parish Council receives its income from the Leeds City Council precept. The precept is a share of the overall council tax. The precept demand goes to the billing authority (Leeds City Council) which collects the tax for the Parish Council. The precept is converted into an amount per council tax band that is added to the council tax bill. In Ledston the council tax band used for this purpose is Band D.

The precept demand from LCC for 2022/23 is £4,750. The Parish also receives an element of support grant which this year is £127.


The parish council maintains a fund called its 'reserves'. The reserves of Ledston Parish Council are split into two categories - General Reserves and Election Reserves. The level of funding in each is designed to be the minimum required to enable stable service delivery, meet future needs, and protect against financial instability.

Ledston Parish Council has approx. £4,000 in reserves. Its General Reserves represent three months' operating costs and a sum towards the Election Reserve.

The Parish Council will review its Reserves Policy in 2022/23.

Annual Governance and Accountability Report

At the end of each financial year the parish council prepares an Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR). This includes an Annual Governance Statement, Internal Audit Report and Accounting Statements. The AGAR is subject to both internal and external audit.

Auditors for Ledston Parish Council are:
Internal Auditors: Yorkshire Local Councils Association
External Auditors: PKF Littlejohn

2019/2020 AGAR

2020/2021 AGAR

2021/2022 AGAR

  • 2021-22 AGAR,Internal Audit and Governance Returns (PDF, 2.2 Mb)

    2021-22 Governance Report, Accounting Statement and Internal Audit Report
    This file contains three documents - the internal audit, the governance statement and the accounting statement for 2021/22


Budgets are agreed at the start of each financial year. The budgets reflect income and expenditure for the parish council and include staffing costs, maintenance of assets, membership of important parish council organisations such as the Yorkshire Local Councils Association.

The parish council aims to out-turn on budget each year, however, unplanned expenditure, for example storm damage to trees or emergency repair work can affect the year end position.

Budget 2021/22

  • 2021/22 Budget (PDF, 425 Kb)

    The approved budget for Ledston Parish Council for 2021/2

Budget 2022/23

  • 2022/23 Budget (PDF, 430 Kb)

    The budget for Ledston Parish Council adopted at the 25 April 2022 meeting of the Council