Ledston Parish Council

Serving the people of Ledston and Ledston Luck

Clerk: Gwyn Jones
9 Green Lane, Ledston
Yorkshire WF10 2BD

Tel: 07782 324623

Welcome to Ledston Parish Council

Ledston Parish Council represents two villages - Ledston and Ledston Luck. There are currently 4 councillors on the Council including the chairman. Councillor roles are voluntary, however the Council is an elected tier of local government. The "Parish" refers to the boundaries of Ledston and Ledston Luck.

We are here to serve both communities and aim to improve the local environments, liaising with Leeds City Council on matters relating to planning, highways, and much more.

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Annual Parish Meeting

Ledston Parish Council - Annual Parish Meeting
Chairman's Annual Report

Welcome everyone to my first report as chair of Ledston Parish Council. I am pleased to serve the residents of Ledston and Ledston Luck and hope that together we can make things better for the people who live and work in the Parish.

This year has been busy, interesting and challenging. I was elected as chair of the Parish Council in February 2022 following the resignation of our previous chair, Alison Walker in December 2021. I want to start by thanking Alison for her support in getting the parish council up and running again in February 2021. I'd also like to thank Bev Kirk who has been my constant companion on the Council and to our new councillors Tracy and Rebecca Dixon. Thanks should also go to Richard Hoare and Nigel Russell at Ledston Luck for their continued support to the Parish Council which has been invaluable. We are also pleased to welcome Gwyn Jones as our new clerk. Gwyn is already proving himself to be an asset to the council. More »

The Parish Council has a good relationship with Ward Councillors Cllrs James Lewis, Mary Harland and Mirelle Midgley and we thank them for their continued support and guidance.

The Parish Council
As we represent a newly formed Parish Council, I thought it would be helpful to outline who we are and what we do.
The Parish Council consists of me (chair), Bev Kirk (vice chair), Tracy Dixon and Rebecca Dixon. We hope within the next couple of weeks to co-opt a resident of Ledston Luck onto the Council so we can benefit from a resident focus at our Council meetings. All councillors are voluntary and receive no payment/salary.

The Parish
Ledston Parish Council works on behalf of the residents of Ledston and Ledston Luck. Within Ledston Luck there are two pockets of land which together form a Registered Charity – The Ledston Luck Recreation Ground Charity. There are also 13 allotment plots and 2 garage plots in Ledston Luck that the Parish Council has responsibility for.

Within Ledston we have a defibrillator situated in the old phone box on Main Street. We'd like to thank a local resident in Ledston for making sure that the defib is maintained properly and records kept up to date. Apart from the defib the Parish Council doesn't hold any other pockets of land in Ledston and there are no allotments.

Our first year
Our first year in office has been a learning curve but we have managed to make progress on some of the issues flagged with us by residents, as well as working hard to get the council onto a proper financial and governance footing.
Here are some of the things we've done this year:

• Developed a relationship with Leeds City Council (LCC) highways team which helped us to get the recent traffic diversion through Ledston shortened from 10 days to 4 days. We are building on this relationship in 2022 (see plans for 2022).
• Successfully brought a flytipper to court through the efforts of Cllr Kirk working with Leeds and Wakefield Councils and police.
• Engaged with LCC to review a dangerous tree on Main Street where the school bus stops to collect/drop off children. Their review found the tree to be diseased beyond saving and it was removed. LCC has now accepted that the trees in Ledston should be included within their Tree Management Plan.
• Had LCC gully team come out to flush the drains on Main Street after flooding.
• Removed/pollarded several fallen trees after the storms in March/April in Ledston Luck to ensure safety of properties close by and people using the adjacent footpath.
• Set up a maintenance regime for the defibrillator in Ledston to ensure it complies with regulation.
• Maintained a regular inspection regime for the Ledston Luck Recreation Ground play area with ROSPA.
• Engaged with Carter Jonas, managers of the Ledston Estate to ensure that access to the Estate grounds (and certain areas within the Hall itself including the Chapel) is maintained following redevelopment.
• Became a recognised consultee of LCC's planning department to ensure planning applications within the Parish come to the Parish Council for review.
• Provided Ledston in Bloom with a grant of £600 in 2020/21.
• Funded grass cutting services to the Charity ground in Ledston Luck of £800.
• Completed the 2019/20 AGAR and internal audit.
• Developed and populated the Ledston Parish Council website which is now live www.ledstonparishcouncil.gov.uk
• Set up a dedicated email address for the Parish Council for people to get in touch clerk@ledstonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Our plans for this year
1. Work with Leeds City Council Highways team, Ward Councillors, Arriva bus services, Turners and Lady Elizabeth Hastings School to identify a safer and more appropriate solution to traffic diversions due to roadworks or flooding.
2. Continue to liaise with Carter Jonas – managers of the Ledston Estate, to ensure access to the Ledston Hall and its grounds are maintained for residents. We have another meeting scheduled for August.
3. We have had our first official meeting with Lady Elizabeth Hastings head teacher Mrs Vignes. Mrs Vignes is keen to build a relationship with the residents of Ledston and we've offered space on our website and notice board to enable better communication with residents as well as parents. We will hold regular meetings going forward.
4. Keep residents of Ledston and Ledston Luck involved and up to date on Council activities via its website.
5. Obtain grant funding to allow the council to purchase a bigger notice board to facilitate improved communication with residents in Ledston.
6. Provide a grant to Ledston in Bloom of £200 and support them in their fundraising activities.
7. Conduct a review of the Charity ground in Ledston Luck to identify options for its management going forward and implement appropriate governance rules to comply with Charity Commission Rules.
8. Conduct a boundary review exercise.
9. Co-opt a new member of the council from Ledston Luck to provide support and local knowledge for that area on the Council.
10. Review the allotments at Ledston Luck and provide allotment holders with a new tenancy agreement for 2022/23. Clear the unworked plot.
11. Submit a grant application for the Ledston Luck Recreation Ground for the redevelopment/refurbishment of the playground and surrounding area.

We'll keep you all updated. Thank you for your support.

Wendy Jones
Chair » Less

Posted: Mon, 23 May 2022 21:42 by Clerk

New website LIVE

Welcome to your parish council website. We hope that the website will become a resource for our local communities. You can access agendas and minutes of meetings, find dates for future meetings and review financial and budgetary information.

If you'd like to include something on here please complete the form here and we will aim to upload it (subject to approval). As with all new websites there will be teething problems and if you find a link that doesn't work, or something not quite right, let us know and we'll fix it. More »

We look forward to the website providing information about local community events, links to local organisations and businesses, and to featuring photos of the parish.

Please email clerk@ledstonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Wendy Jones Chairman » Less

Posted: Thu, 19 May 2022 12:00 by Clerk

Annual Parish Meeting. 23 May 2022

The Annual Parish meeting is an opportunity for parishioners to meet and discuss items of interest or to flag issues of concern within the Parish. Please come along and share your thoughts with us. The meeting is taking place at Lady Elizabeth Hastings school, Green Lane, Ledston Wf10 2BD.

Please note the Annual Parish Meeting is not a meeting of the parish council and concerns about the parish council, its governance, finances or any other issue should be addressed to a full council meeting.

Posted: Thu, 19 May 2022 11:38 by Clerk